8484 Wilshire Blvd.

At this iconic Beverly Hills building, AirTest was installed to increase the efficiency of the parking garage facility. This cost of this project was covered entirely by rebates at zero cost to the client. The garage facility covers 17,840 sq/m with a fan capacity of 80hp, a great candidate for AirTest’s DCV (Demand Control Ventilation). AirTest was able to reduce the energy consumption from 982,460 kWh annually to 85,474 kWh annually. That is a reduction of 896,986 kWh per year or about 91%. To accomplish this 35 AirTest TR2000-Lon, an AirTest CN8000 Controller, and 2 VFDs were installed. The payback period on this project was just under 9 months.

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel

In this 14,800 sq/m underground parking garage, AirTest DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) was used to reduce energy consumption by 92% on an annual basis. This equates to 545,000 kWh and 332,356 kg of greenhouse gasses yearly. AirTest DCV was managed by the installation of 23 AirTest TR2000-Lon Co Transmitters, an AirTest CN8500 Controller, 3 VFDs. The entire cost of this installation was covered by rebates, and the energy payback period was 10 months.

Sunset Millennium (8590 W Sunset Blvd)

Our DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) solutions were implemented in the parking garage at Sunset Millennium in West Hollywood. Our results were astounding but not unusual for AirTest DCV in parking garage applications. In this 1000 car facility with 8 fans and 242hp we installed 41 sensors using the existing conduit. AirTest developed the plans using AirTest TR2000 sensors and an AirTest CN8000 Control Panel. This resulted in 1 year operational savings of $220,000 (1.3m kWh). Payback period on investment was 9 months and 100% of the cost was covered by rebates.

401 Wilshire Blvd.

DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) was installed at this 20,300 sq/m parking garage in Santa Monica. 30 AirTest TR2000-Lon Transmitters, an AirTest CN8000 Controller, and 7 VFDs were installed to dramatically increase the energy efficiency of this structure. Annual savings of about 242,900 kWh or about 88.4% were achieved, and a reduction of 148,120 kg of greenhouse gasses. Rebates covered half of the cost of the installation and the payback period after rebates was 1.5 years.

221 N. Crescent

40 AirTest TR2000-Lon Transmitters, an AirTest CN8000 Controller, and 4 VFDs were installed in this large 300,000 sq/m with a fan capacity of 400hp. Our goal was to reduce the energy consumed by the ventilation system while maintaining the air quality. We were able to reduce the annual operational costs by 90.9% by reducing the consumption of energy by 1,712,000 kWh per year. The payback period for this project was an incredible 1.6 years.

600 California Street

AirTest DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) was retrofitted on to this 6,130 sq/m parking garage in San Francisco. 10 AirTest TR2000 CO Transmitters, an AirTest CN7216 Controller, and 5 VFDs were installed on this ventilation system with a 130hp fan capacity. AirTest’s DCV solution was able to produce a 93.9% annual reduction in energy consumption. By making this parking garage smart with AirTest sensors there was a reduction of 138,360 kg of greenhouse gasses produced and a savings of 226,898 kWh each year. The payback period on investment was under 2 years.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart recruited AirTest to increase the efficiency of the HVAC systems at many of their existing locations. 1140 locations were retrofitted with 4-5 sensors per store (1 per RTU). The energy payback period was under 2 years, and the installation at all locations was funded in part by rebates from gas and electricity providers. Initial findings showed a savings of 18% on energy consumption.

131 S. Rodeo Dr.

DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) is an excellent solution to provide dramatic energy savings when retrofitting underground parking garages. This garage is located at 131 S. Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills and covers 202,500 sq/m with a fan capacity of 135hp. After installing 26 AirTest TR2000-Lon sensors, an AirTest CN8000 Controller, and 8 VFD to control the ventilation system we recorded a 94.6% reduction in annual operating expenses. The installation of this project was covered entirely by rebates, essentially providing an immediate payback on investment.


In order to harvest wasted energy we installed DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) in 600 of Lowe’s locations. We specified one Airtest CO2 Transmitter per RTU (Rooftop Unit) for a total of about 5 to 6 CO2 Transmitters per store. Installations were 100% funded rebates from the energy provider with zero cost to the client. Energy payback was less than 2 years.

Pacific Life

In an 18,360 sq/m underground parking garage, located in Newport Beach, California, an AirTest DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) system was installed to drastically reduce the energy consumption. On an annual basis we noted a 90% reduction in energy consumption, which amounts to 185,840 kWh saved each year. With these savings, the cost of the installation of our AirTest DCV system was paid back over 2 years. This project required the installation of 23 AirTest TR2000 sensors, an AirTest CN7216 Controller, and 1 VFD.