Carbon Dioxide

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CO2 Guard 10

CO2 Room Sensor with Traffic Light Display

The CO2 Guard 10 reliably shows the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the ambient air as a measure for indoor air quality (IAQ). The CO2 level indicated by the LEDs helps deciding on the need for ventilation, for example by opening the windows.

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EE820 CO2 Transmitter for demanding applications

With robust enclosure and integrated filter, the EE820 is the perfect solution for hatchers, incubators, greenhouses or life stock barns.

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EE850 Duct Mount CO2 and Temperature Transmitter

Combines a CO2 sensor and a Temperature sensor in an innovative enclosure and it is the ideal duct mount CO2 and temperature transmitter for building automation.

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EE894 Sensor Module for CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure

Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Relative Humidity, Temperature, and ambient Pressure. Digital output is either I2C or E2 interface. Low power.

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EE895 Miniature-Sensor Module: CO2, Temperature, Barometer

3-in-1 sensor module measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature, and Barometric Pressure. Low power consumption makes it suitable for battery-operated devices such as hand-held meters, data loggers or wireless transmitters.

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Radiation Shield for EE872 (P/N: HA010510)

E+E – Radiation Shield for EE872 (P/N: HA010510)

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Sigma 05

Modular Sensor Platform

The Sigma 05 sensor hub represents the central element of the E+E modular sensor ecosystem with intelligent probes, analogue outputs and display. With pluggable, interchangeable probes, the modular sensor platform is suitable even for harsh and challenging environment.

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TR4300, EnOcean , Light Harvesting Sensor With Options For: Temp, Temp & RH, Temperature Adjustment, Occupancy Reset.

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TR9277-EO Light Harvesting CO2, Temp & RH Sensor

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