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EE894 Sensor Module for CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure

Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Relative Humidity, Temperature, and ambient Pressure. Digital output is either I2C or E2 interface. Low power.


EE894 Sensor Module for CO2, Relative Humidity, Temperature, and Ambient Pressure

Key Features:

  • Dual wavelength NDIR CO2 working principle
  • Measuring range up to 10,000ppm
  • Auto-calibration for excellent long-term stability
  • Temperature and pressure compensation
  • Very low-temperature dependency
  • High insensitivity to pollution Easy user configuration and adjustment
  • Very low current consumption
  • Digital outputs available are I2C or E2
  • Miniature size

Typical Application

  • Demand-controlled ventilation
  • Data loggers and handhelds
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Building automation

EE894 Sensor Module for CO2, Relative Humidity, Temperature, and Ambient Pressure

The digital module EE894 measures carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity (RH), temperature (T) and ambient pressure (p). Temperature and pressure compensation ensures high CO2 measurement accuracy under changing environmental conditions. Very small dimensions and the I2C or E2 interface facilitate the design-in.

The dual wavelength NDIR technology with auto-calibration is particularly long-term stable and insensitive to contamination. A multiple point CO2 and T factory adjustment leads to excellent CO2 measurement accuracy over the entire T working range. The pressure compensation minimizes the impact of altitude and ambient pressure variations onto the CO2 readings.

The measured data, with a range of up to 1% CO2, is available on the I²C or the E2 digital interface. Small dimensions and electrical connection via contact pins and pads facilitate the design-in.

The EE894 is available in two sizes and with various electrical connection options.

An optional kit for the E2 interface facilitates easy configuration of the module and the adjustment of the CO2, RH, T and p measurement. The CO2 measurement interval can be set according to the application requirements; by this, the average current consumption can be reduced to 420 μA, ideal for battery-operated devices.