About Us

About Us

AirTest Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: AAT) was founded by George Graham in 1996. He knew there was an opportunity in making the workplace safer and more efficient with gas sensors. Our first few years were devoted to the development and sale of portable belt worn methane sensors. From there, we continued to pursue cutting edge technologies with a focus on unique and diverse sensors. Acquiring technologies to detect combustible gasses and CO sensors for parking garages formed the foundation for our business today.

Mike Schell, our CTO, joined AirTest in 2003. Mike brought his invaluable expertise and experience with him from his history of developing technologies in the industry. Working for a company called Telaire with its founder Jake Wong, they developed the first commercial NDIR CO2 sensors. Mike was co-developer of the Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) protocol in 1993 that was adopted by ASHRAE in 1998.

In 2003, AirTest became a distributor for E+E Elektronik based in Austria. This enabled us to complete our suite of sensor technologies and contributed to our ability to provide the comprehensive level of service we are able to offer today.

AirTest is a manufacturer and distributor of air monitoring technologies that ensure the comfort, security, health and energy efficiency of buildings. AirTest’s product portfolio includes over 300 sensor products that can be configured to work with any monitoring or building control system. All these product categories are critical in reducing energy use and optimizing the operational efficiency of buildings. Major product categories include:

  • Ventilation Control In Buildings: AirTest offers a family of infrared gas sensors for CO2 based ventilation control that significantly reduce energy usage and optimize air quality in buildings.

  • Humidity and Moisture Control: Our offering includes best-of-class humidity and dew point sensors that prevent mold problems, improve comfort, and ensure optimal conditions in commercial and industrial environments.

  • Parking Ventilation Control: Gas sensors targeted to control ventilation in parking facilities and other enclosed spaces where vehicles are operated. AirTest’s sensors and controls offer significant energy savings and assurance of a safe environment.

  • Air Velocity Measurement: AirTest offers a family of innovative heated-thin-film air velocity transmitters and switches used to monitor airflow or validate equipment operation.

  • Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection: Refrigerant gas sensors that can quickly identify costly and dangerous leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

  • Health And Safety: AirTest offers a broad range of gas sensors for health, leading to productive commercial, work, and shopping spaces.

Over the years AirTest is proud to have supplied over 1,300 customers, with 800+ being in the US, over 300 in Canada, and 70 internationally. Our products are installed at Ikea, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, US Postal Service, FedEx, City Seattle Light, Seattle Schools and many others.

The company creates a distinct differential advantage through unique products, customized systems, aggressive pricing and strong application assistance for our customers. The majority of our products are manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to ensure optimum product quality.

AirTest serves our growing North American client base from its headquarters in Delta BC and sales offices in Seattle, Washington and Santa Barbara, California. AirTest is a public company that trades under the symbol AAT on the TSX Venture Exchange and AATGF.PK in the United States.

Find out how AirTest can help your business by using our contact form to get in touch. One of our product experts will contact you to develop a custom solution to help make your buildings smarter and safer.

Ted Konyi