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EE046 Condensation Monitor

Detects condensation on pipes, ducts and other surfaces before the condensation actually occurs.

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EE150 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for HVAC Applications

ACCURACY: +/- 3% RH (10…90% RH). Designed for HVAC, and Ideal for residential and commercial building automation. Analog, Modbus, BACnet or passive output in an elegant, easy to install enclosure.

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EE160 HVAC Humidity and Temperature Sensor

ACCURACY: +/- 2.5% RH (10…95% RH). Designed for HVAC, a cost-effective, highly accurate transmitter in a polycarbonate housing.

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EE210 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Demanding Climate Control

High accuracy measurements of relative humidity and temperature in demanding climate control applications.

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EE211 RH & Temperature Transmitter for Continuous High Humidity

Excellent long-term performance in high humidity and condensing environments; employs a heated humidity probe

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