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Temperature Probe with Modbus RTU

The EE074 is dedicated for accurate temperature (T) measurement of air, gases and liquids. The robust stainless steel probe is ideal for climate and process control in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in clean rooms or in agriculture. It offers a high accuracy of ±0.1 °C and a wide temperature range up to -70…105 °C (-94… 221 °F). The measured data is available via the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.

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EE10-T Room Temperature Sensor

Designed for HVAC indoor applications, high accuracy, long-term stability, 23 to 131°F temp range. Analog, Modbus, BACnet or passive output in an elegant, easy to install enclosure.

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EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor

Designed for air and liquid measurement in ducts and pipes. Outputs can be passive / active (analog) for building automation and process control.

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EE441 Strap-on Temperature Sensor

Designed for temperature measurement on round ducts and pipes in applications like heating systems and solar collectors.

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EE451 Wall Mounted Temperature Sensor

Wall mounted, measuring range from -40 to 158°F, passive or active outputs, ±0.54°F accuracy

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EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe

Temperature sensor with remote probe, ranges up to 221°F, ±0.54°F accuracy. Various types of sensing elements such as Pt1000, NTC10k or Ni1000 are available for passive temperature measurement.

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