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EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor

Designed for air and liquid measurement in ducts and pipes. Outputs can be passive / active (analog) for building automation and process control.


EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor

Key Features:

  • Enclosure
    • External mounting holes
    • Bayonet screws
  • Mounting flange
    • Fixation via clamping
    • Special sealing
  • Immersion well
    • Innovative mounting spring

Typical Applications

  • Building automation
  • Process and climate control
  • Measurement in air and liquids

EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor

The EE431 temperature sensor is used for air temperature measurement in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It can be installed either with mounting flange or via external mounting holes at the enclosure (duct sensor).

For temperature measurement in liquids, the temperature sensor EE431 is mounted with an immersion well (immersion sensor). 

In addition to active outputs 0-10 V or 4-20 mA various types of sensing elements such as Pt1000, NTC10k or Ni1000 are available for passive temperature measurement. The innovative IP65 housing and the mounting concept allow for fast and easy installation.