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CO2 Guard 10

CO2 Room Sensor with Traffic Light Display

The CO2 Guard 10 reliably shows the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the ambient air as a measure for indoor air quality (IAQ). The CO2 level indicated by the LEDs helps deciding on the need for ventilation, for example by opening the windows.


CO2 Guard 10

Key Features CO2 Guard 10

  • Dual wavelength NDIR technology with auto-calibration
  • Pressure and temperature compensation
  • Optic and acoustic indication
  • Low energy requirements
  • Suitable as wall mount and as tabletop device

Technical data CO2 Guard 10

  • 0…5000 ppm
  • 4 alkaline batteries AAA 1.5 V
    4 rechargeable batteries AAA 1.2 V
  • 6 months (4 alkaline batteries 1.5V – 1200 mAh)
    4 months (rechargeable batteries 1.2 V – 1100 mAh)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • IP30 (wall mount) IP20 (tabletop)

Adequate ventilation and IAQ is paramount for healthy living and working conditions. In spaces with high occupancy, good IAQ diminishes the risk of contamination with aerosol-borne diseases. Additionally, air exchange based on the actual CO2 level can significantly reduce energy costs.

Measurement performance
The CO2 Guard 10 employs the dual wavelength NDIR measurement principle with auto-calibration, which stands for outstanding long term performance even in harsh and polluted environment. Pressure and temperature compensation with on-board sensors lead to best accuracy irrespective of the location (altitude), weather and environmental conditions.

The CO2 Guard 10 can be deployed as wall mount or as portable tabletop device. The tabletop stand adapter is included in the scope of supply.

Comfortable use
The CO2 Guard 10 is maintenance free. Battery supply allows for portable use independently of any external electrical supply availability. All LEDs flashing indicate the need for replacing the batteries.

Visual and acoustic indication
Green, yellow and red LEDs indicate the actual CO2 range. Additionally, short acoustic signals indicate CO2 rising to the next higher range.

Wide CO2 monitoring range
The six CO2 ranges indicated by the LEDs are suitable for all common indoor situations from low to high CO2 levels. Low CO2 levels are typical for residential and commercial purposes according to EN 13779. High CO2 levels typically occur in spaces with very high occupancy such as school classes.

Long battery life time
A set of 4 commercially available batteries lasts for typically 6 months at room temperature. The snap-on enclosure concept allows for easy battery replacement without any specific tools.