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Model CT2100 2 Gas with Relay

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The TR-2000 delivers all the advantages of electrochemical sensing in a durable, long life (5 year) package that is priced to compete against less accurate MOS/Solid State sensors. The LonWorks® version of this popular product uses the FTT-10 Free Topology Transceiver and provides a percent of range output (0-200 ppm).

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Multi-Protocol Network Transmitter (BACnet® MSTP • Modbus RS485 • BACnet® IP • LonWorks® FT) For CO, NO2 and Temperature Measurement

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The TR3210 is a high accuracy, Electrochemical gas sensor that can be factory configured to measure a wide range of gases applicable to health and safety applications. This version is meant for NO2.

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The TR5200 is a high accuracy catalytic bead gas sensor/transmitter that can be used to detect LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) concentrations of a wide range of combustible gasses. Transmitters can be provided calibrated to the specific combustible gas of interest.

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