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CN9000 Controller

Model CN9000 Multi Point


Key Features

  • Designed to work with any AirTest sensor with a 4-20 mA output.
  • Can be configured to control an unlimited number of sensing and control points (Control points are factory set).
  • LEDs inside enclosure indicate operational status of each sensor.
  • Designed for cost effective installation, with minimal features.
  • Power supply for sensors integrated.
  • Relays for high level and sensor fault indication for each sensor. Relays are parallel wired at factory to provide multiple sensor, zone control.


  • Control panel used to control fans or alarms where multiple sensors or control zones exist.
  • Designed for on/off control, with no time delay or deadband.
  • Can accommodate CO only or CO and NO2 sensors.
  • Value engineered for most economical price with a limited number of features.
Model CN9000
  • Temp Range: -30 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
  • Power options: 115 VAC, 220 VAC
  • User specified number of control relay outputs (5A)
  • Panels are custom configured to sensing and control requirements. Size of panels may vary.


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Horn & Strobe Information
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