8484 Wilshire Blvd.

Project Summary

At this iconic Beverly Hills building, AirTest was installed to increase the efficiency of the parking garage facility. This cost of this project was covered entirely by rebates at zero cost to the client. The garage facility covers 17,840 sq/m with a fan capacity of 80hp, a great candidate for AirTest’s DCV (Demand Control Ventilation). AirTest was able to reduce the energy consumption from 982,460 kWh annually to 85,474 kWh annually. That is a reduction of 896,986 kWh per year or about 91%. To accomplish this 35 AirTest TR2000-Lon, an AirTest CN8000 Controller, and 2 VFDs were installed. The payback period on this project was just under 9 months.

  • Gases & Vapors
  • Building Control & Air Quality (HVAC)
  • Communication