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Models TR8900 Family


Key Features

  • Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Dew Point, Temp, %RH and Occupancy (option).
  • Gateway Accessories available for WiFi interface to rooftop equipment or BACnet building control systems.
  • Battery powered (2 AA 3.6 Lithium) or 24VAC.
  • Simple and fast installation.
  • Wifi connection can support Enterprise level wifi security.
  • Local access via smart phone or tablet of weekly summary of readings.
  • Cloud monitoring service available. Also designed to work with 3rd party monitoring services.
  • See datasheet for more details.


The IAQEye™ is a powerful air quality measurement package designed for easy integration into the operation of new and existing HVAC equipment and control systems (BACnet, Modbus) using Enterprise-friendly WiFi communication. Many buildings are out-of-whack today with poor air quality and wasted energy because they cannot control what is not measured. The measurement and control of CO2, dew point, occupancy and other elements can lead to significant improvement in air quality, energy use and comfort. The iAQEye™ can be an effective addition as a monitoring system or can be connected to existing equipment and control systems. A Cloud monitoring interface is also available.