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Provides integrated dual sensing capability for control of fans or alarms when combined with any of AirTest’s TR1000 gas transmitters. Also can be used with any of AirTest’s remote gas transmitters.


Key Features:

  • Can be utilized with most AirTest Gas Sensors
  • All CT1000 sensors can be integrated into same enclosure
  • High and low relay activation points and adjustable time
    delay for each gas
  • Multiple units can be daisy chained to control a zone
  • Rugged enclosure
  • CSA certified
  • Now also available with LonWorks® communication capability as a LonMark® Certified product.

  • Used to directly activate fans or alarms based on a target
    concentration of two different gases (e.g. CO and NO2).
  • Used where a low-cost integrated sensor and control option
    is desired

  • Integrated gas sensing options include solid state detection of CO, Combustibles, R22, R134a, Ammonia
  • Other gas sensing options require remote sensor mounting from control

Model CT2100

  • Temp Range: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
  • Integrated high and low concentration relays (10A)
  • Power options: 24 VAC, 115 VAC, 220 VAC
  • User adjustable delay for on-time (up to 30 minutes)
  • Power fault, and relay activation lights
  • Calibration: 1 year recommended
  • When ordering specify desired AirTest gas sensor measured and high and low activation levels
  • Ability to turn fans off and on based on input from two gas sensors.


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