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Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The EE100Ex intrinsically safe sensor is dedicated for measurement of relative humidity [RH] and temperature [T] in explosion hazard areas. It complies with the ATEX (Europe), IECEx (international), Korea (KCs) and Japan (CSA) classifications for application in gas up to Zone 1.



Key Features

  • Approved for installation in gas Zone 1
  • Robust sensing head
  • IP65 aluminum enclosure

Technical data

  • 0…100% RH
    -40…60 °C (-40…140 °F)
  • ±2% RH
    ±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F)
  • 4-20 mA (2-wire)
  • 24 V DC

Measurement Performance
With the very robust sensing head, the proprietary sensor protection and the encapsulated measurement electronics inside the probe, the EE100Ex stands for best accuracy and long term stability.

Reliable in Harsh Environment 
Due to the robust metal IP65 enclosure and the wide choice of filter caps, the EE100Ex performs reliably in demanding applications such as utility tunnels, hazardous storage rooms or pharmaceutical industry.

Power Supply and Outputs
Besides measurement of relative humidity and temperature, the EE100Ex calculates dew point [Tf] and frost point temperature [Td]. The intrinsically safe humidity and temperature sensor features two galvanically isolated 4-20 mA outputs in 2-wire technology.

Typical Applications

  • Explosive, hazardous storage rooms
  • Utility tunnels
  • Pharmaceutical industry