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Wireless Micro-router/Gateway For Point-2-Point Wireless CO2 Control



  • Designed to relay TR9299-WiFi CO2 readings to a remote location where a 0-10VDC output is generated. Ideal for a low cost implementing of CO2 DCV with existing Economizer or RTU controls without the need for wiring.
  • Three different configuration options:

    1. Stand-alone private network Point-2-Point.

    2. Create private network with multiple units.

    3. Integrated with existing WiFi network.

  • Functionality does not require tapping into an existing WiFi network. Ideal for security conscious IT managers.
  • Can receive signals from up to 4 TR9299-WiFi transmitters and pass through the highest level.
  • Can share the signal from one TR9299-WiFi between multiple output locations.
  • Built-in webserver makes setup easy using a tablet, smartphone or PC. Status of system available at any time via Wifi interface. If connected to a network, automatic text/email messages can be generated to indicate status/alarms.
  • Fast installation. Only connections for the GW4201 are 24VDC/VAC power and CO2 output (0-10VDC).
  • Can be integrated with the AirTest GW4205 WiFi/Cellular gateway that allows connectivity to the Internet. Supports up to 20 GW4201 units.
  • May need a readily available WiFi repeater to penetrate some roof and flooring structures.

Description: WiFi Micro-router/Gateway, with integrated webserver. Designed to provide a remote 0-10VDC (0-2000 ppm CO2), control output from a TR9299-WiFi CO2 sensor. Can function as Point-2-Point, multi point or networked device.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n

Webserver: Wifi accessible, password protected, always on.

Analog Outputs:

Out1: 0-10V, CO2 0-2000 ppm

Out2: 0-10V, Factory configurable

Input Voltage: 24VAC/VDC

Operating Temp: -4 to 158ºF (-20 to ±70ºC)

Certification: FCC TCL-CU282

Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x .75”


GW4201 Datasheet
(241 kb)