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TR9299-WiFi for LEED A Battery Powered CO2 Alarm And Monitoring Tool For LEED Point Certification (Copy)

The TR9299-WiFi lead is the first battery powered CO2 monitoring tool that can operate up to 5 years on two AA batteries. The wall-mounted transmitter requires no wiring and features a locking sub-base that can easily be screwed to any wall.


Key Features:

  • Wall mounted, no wiring required.
  • Battery powered CO2 and temperature sensor with audible (beeper) and visual (flashing LED) alarm.
  • Built-in WiFi communication can be activated to allow remote monitoring or integration to building control systems.
  • Battery life: 5 year battery life with WiFi communication turned off, 3 year battery life with WiFi broadcast every 10 minutes.
  • On-board data logger can log up to 3,072 points.
  • Available with an AirTest hosted, cloud-monitoring service that stores data and provides email and text alerts when alarm thresholds are activated. (Requires WiFi network connected to the Internet).
  • Easily configured via a USB plug-in PC interface
  • User adjustable measurement interval and WiFi transmitting interval.
  • Zero maintenance self-calibrating CO2 sensor.
  • “Commissioning Friendly” design supports accurate and simple in-field calibration verification or adjustment.
  • Provided with locking sub-base for secure mounting.
Optional WiFi Connectivity
  • While the WiFi connection is optional, once connected to a WiFi network, data from the sensor can be sent to:
  • Any Internet connected device, database or controller (decoding of UDP packets required).
  • An AirTest hosted cloud service that stores data and provides email and text alarms. Data can be viewed from any PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Any wired BACnet® or Modbus control network using our WiFi-To-Wire gateway (Model: BB2-7010-06)
  • A nearby control input such as a rooftop air handler or building control input using our Point-To-Point WiFi gateway that creates a private network for communication and provides a remote gateway that outputs a 0-10 VDC signal proportional to a 0-2000ppm CO2 reading. (Model GW4201).

Downloads TR9299wifiLEED

TR9299wifiLEED Datasheet
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