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RM7000 VRF Dual Beam Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector For Indoor Spaces


Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for use in detecting VRF system refrigerant leaks of R410a, R407a/c and other refrigerants in occupied spaces.
  • Long life sensor technology (10+ years), featuring a dual-channel, patented, NDIR infrared sensor that is dual-channel, patented, NDIR infrared sensor that
  • Built in, continuously operating sensor diagnostics that can immediately identify transmitter malfunctions and sensor end-of-life (not possible with most gas sensors).
  • Ability to do a complete functional test of the device in 5 seconds using a strategically placed magnet.
  • Low profile enclosure designed to mount in a standard two-gang electrical box with minimal projection into the room to prevent occupant damage to sensor. White faceplate is easily painted to match room decor. Available without AirTest label.
  • Modbus RTU, RS485 communication indicates local gas concentration. Two alarm relays (SPDT) activates at 1000 ppm (with 76dB buzzer) and 1800 ppm audible buzzer (76 dB).
  • Incorporates unobtrusive LED status indication: Green – Operating, Amber – >1,000 ppm, Red >1,800 ppm.
  • Version for 24VDC, 24VAC and 120VAC operation.
  • Measurement range of 0-5,000 ppm, with accuracy of ± 250 ppm for levels below 2,500 ppm.
  • Fast response. Detects 90% of current reading in less than 30 seconds. Minimal time necessary for bump tests or calibration checks if required.
  • Lowest lifetime total cost over 10+ year sensor operating life.
  • No maintenance required over sensor life.
  • 5-year product warranty.
  • Configured to specifically measure the refrigerant gas targeted.


Type: Dual Beam, Non-Dispersive Infrared Sensor (NDIR)

Gas Detected: R410a, R407a/c (or specify)

Measurement Range: 0-5,000 ppm

Accuracy: ± 5% full-scale range under 50% full-scale, ± 7% full-scale range above 50% of full-scale.

Repeatability: 3% of full-scale range.

Response Time: T90 <30 seconds

Long Term Stability: ±3% of full-scale range per year.

Estimated Operating Life: 10 Years (MTBF)

Calibration: Dual Beam, self-calibrating.

End-of-Life Detection: End of life can be detected and will activate alarm.

Operating Temperature Range: -4 to 140F (-10 to 50ºC)

Operating Humidity Range: 0-95% non-condensing

Warm Up: 1 hour for full specification performance


RM7000-A: 24 VAC, RM7000-B: 24VDC, RM7000-C: 90-230 VAC


Enclosure: Flush mount cover with transmitter recessed in a 2-gang electrical box. IP40 Rating.

Communication: Modbus RTU, RS485

Visual Interface: LED lights: flashing green - warm up, green – operating, amber – over 1,000 ppm, red – over 1,800 ppm.

Alarm Relay (SPDT): Relay 1: 1000 ppm, Relay 2, 1800 ppm. (1A @ 120 VAC).

Audible Indicator: 76 dB buzzer (1,000 ppm)

Functional Test: Placing a magnet in a strategic location on the cover will initiate a self-test.

Portable Interface (Sold Separately)

Adjustment: Calibration, output range, adjust relay and alarm levels, current reading.


  • CE
  • REACH/RoHS Compliant


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