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EE072 Humidity and Temperature Probe with Digital Interface

Measures RH and Temperature and calculates all other humidity related parameters. Either Modbus or CANopen digital interface. Great for demanding process and climate control such as agriculture, food, pharma, or clean rooms. Accuracy ± (1.3 FS + 0.3 % Reading) %RH for RH ≤90 %


Key Features:

  • Either Modbus RTU or CANopen digital interface
  • Replacement for the model EE071
  • Accuracy (incl. hysteresis, non-linearity and repeatability)
    • From -15…40 °C (5…104 °F):
      • ± (1.3 FS + 0.3 % Reading) %RH for RH ≤90 %
      • ± 2.3 % FS for RH >90 %
    • From -40…80 °C (-40…176 °F):
      • ± (1.5 FS + 1.5 % Reading) %RH
    • Excellent protection against pollution and corrosion
    • Outstanding long term stability
    • Wide working temperature range
    • Temperature compensation
    • Easy integration into networks
    • Low power consumption
    • Compact and easily interchangeable
    • Additional physical quantities calculated
    • Adjustment and Modbus setup by the user

Key Features:

  • Stables, incubators, hatchers
  • Storage rooms
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Data loggers and handhelds

Excellent Measuring Performance

The high-end E+E humidity sensing element is protected by the E+E proprietary coating against corrosive and electrically conductive pollution. In combination with a robust sensing head and fully encapsulated electronics, the EE072 provides highly accurate and long-term stable measurements even in harsh and condensing environment.

Robust and Versatile 
With its IP65 stainless steel or polycarbonate enclosure and the wide choice of filter caps, the EE072 tackles even challenging industrial applications. The M12x1 connector and the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol facilitate the design-in of EE072 and minimize installation costs.

Configurable and Adjustable 
The setup and adjustment of the EE072 can be easily performed with an optional adapter and the free EE-PCS Product Configuration Software.