AirTest Announces Significant OEM Customer Sales Growth

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AirTest Announces Significant OEM Customer Sales Growth

DELTA, BC, February 28, 2022 –AirTest Technologies Inc. (AirTest) (TSXV: AAT, OTC: AATGF) CEO Ted Konyi is very pleased to announce that sales orders from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) customers for the 1st Qtr 2022 have grown by 145% over the 1st Qtr 2021.


OEM customers buy various sensors from AirTest to incorporate in sophisticated building control systems. The company has several OEM customers that have traditionally represented close to 50% of total revenues for the company. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, OEM sales for the company dropped due to reduction in new construction and retrofit projects.


Ted Konyi added “it’s exciting to see this business activity starting to come back. The waning pandemic bodes well for our sales activities to continue to climb. Early discussions with several of our OEM customers suggest that this demand for our various sensor products will accelerate as projects that have been on hold for the last several years come back on line. In addition to the OEM activity, we are seeing more sales orders coming in from our mechanical engineering and contractor customers as well, as they also ramp up projects that they have had on hold. Lastly, several high profile retrofit proposals are making their way through the sales process.”


About AirTest: AirTest Technologies Inc. is a Green-Tech company specializing in Demand Control Ventilation systems that improve commercial building operating efficiency and generate proven energy savings. The company has developed new wireless sensors with dynamic real-time communication and control technologies, which builds upon ten years of experience and thousands of installations amongst clients such as Lowe’s, Shoppers Drug Mart and Ikea. AirTest solutions provide data on levels of Indoor Air Quality required by schools, retail stores and offices.


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